Low Fat, High Protein BLT


If your anything like me, a good sandwich is right up there for lunch time essentials and the BLT is king! The pre packaged ones you can get however, whilst tasty are typically high in fat, super high in sodium and pretty calorific for the size of the portion. That’s where this super easy and quick home made BLT comes in handy! You can chop and change the recipe to suit your taste preferences, add other fillings or swap some out, just be sure to count those in your own macros as the numbers displayed here are for the ingredients i used.



4 Rashers Smoked Turkey Bacon

2 Slices Granary Bread

Sundried Tomatos

Baby Spinach

Mild Salsa



  • Grill the bacon for a couple of minutes on either side un till its browned, turkey bacon isn’t going to go really crispy like regular bacon but it will still be good!
  • Toast the bread to your preference, i don’t like mine too overdone so just have it browned slightly.
  • Spread 30 grams of salsa onto the bread, then rip up some spinach leaves and put those on. Then add 2 rashers of the turkey bacon, 20 grams more of salsa and some more spinach followed by the rest of the turkey bacon and then top with the other slice of bread.
  • Voila, super simple and damn tasty! 



Nutritional Information





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